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Frank Underwood

Frank Underwood learned classical piano as a boy, and classical guitar in his teens, delving also into harpsichord and organ. In more recent times he has studied lute with Lynda Sayce and Edward FitzGibbon, and viol with Susanne Heinrich.

Over the last thirty years he played with various Folk Rock and Blues bands, sharing the stage on occasion with Fairport Convention. In the late '70s he formed WINDSONG with a young Annie Lennox as vocalist, and had a long musical partnership with fiddler Dave Mortlock as MORTLOCK & UNDERWOOD, recording with Dave Pegg (of Fairport and Jethro Tull) on bass.

Over the last 5 years Frank has also performed with Lizzie who also sings solo, blues and soul - some engagements are lined up around Oxford in the summer of 2009.

Aside from all of the contemporary music interests, he has played lute, harpsichord and viola da gamba in Early Music consorts WESTRON WYND and LA JOYSANCE, and has been invited over the course of several years to play keyboards at Jane Austen festivals in Bath.

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The Recordings (selected)

Frank Underwood - 'Possession'
- December 2003

Another well-packed disc - fourteen tracks of blues and folk, including original Frank compositions (some reprises from 'Windsong' days) and some fine classics.

  • Frank Underwood - Guitars, Piano, Vocals
  • Rob Stepney - Bass
  • Nick Potter - Drums

Brief Moment in Time / Waves /
Glory Train / What Colour is the Wind / Strolling Blues / Hang onto a Dream / Me and the Devil / One More Cup of Coffee / Possession / Frank’s Planxty / Dallas Rag / Whinding Boy / Louisiana Blues / Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door

Frank Underwood - 'Highway Songs'
- December 2001

50 minutes of early and contemporary music, following up on the solid foundation of the previous disc with lute pieces, songs for Bishop Tutu, and a tribute to Annie Lennox!

  • Frank Underwood - Guitar, Lute, Piano, Vocals
  • Julie Burrett - Vocals, Recorders
  • George Brown - Harmonica
  • Emma Chapman - Violin
  • Jake Jacob - Keyboards, Drums, Electric Guitar, Mixing & Treatments

Highway Song / Dorian Grey /
Kemp’s Jig / Lady Laiton’s Almain / Mistress Winter’s Jump / Her Song / Child of Soweto / Oh Shout Freedom! / Corrina, Corrina / Summer Rain / Ballerina / Slow Piano Blues / Roll in my Sweet Baby’s Arms / Dorian Grey II / Highway Ballerina’s Dub

Frank Underwood - 'in Retrospect'
- December 2000

74 minutes of music recorded 'live' - no overdubs!

This exceptional disc was commended for its huge variety - a real showcase of a versatile talent. Everything from 14th century song, via 16th century lute pieces and Sephardic love songs, to bluesey creations from last month!

No wonder the disc came to the attention of Andrea Corr and Kate Bush.

  • Frank Underwood - Guitar, Lute, Piano, Harpsichord, Viola da Gamba, Vocals
  • Julie Burrett - Vocals, Recorders
  • Karen Epstein - Vocals
  • George Brown - Harmonica
  • Emma Chapman - Violin
  • Julian Dickinson - Backing Vocals

Never Tell Me Baby / C.C. Rider Blues /
Hesitation Blues / Night Train / Anjie / Her Song / Slow Piano Blues / Kind Hearted Woman Blues / Drybone Rag / Summer Rain / Louisiana Blues / Packington’s Pounde / Three Sisters / Quella Bella e Biancha Mano / Pavan; Earle of Salisbury / Glory of the North / Agincourt Song / Key to the Highway / Blues Jam / Walk On / Never Tell Me Baby

All CDs are available at £10 plus p&p from Folly Bridge Records by emailing us for payment details, or directly from Frank Underwood, tel 077 924 27088.

Frank is available for gig bookings in the UK too - get in touch with us by email or telephone.